Jordan Thompson gives thoughts on Novak Djokovic medical exemption

Djokovic's application for a medical exemption was successful.

by Dzevad Mesic
Jordan Thompson gives thoughts on Novak Djokovic medical exemption

Jordan Thompson thinks it's good that Novak Djokovic will be playing at the Australian Open and added he thinks vaccination should be a personal choice. Djokovic is set to play at the Australian Open after being granted a medical exemption.

"The only thing I know is that he got the exemption, and I think it's good that he is playing here. That's all I can really say," Thompson said, per The Age. "I know that we are big on vacation in Australia, and yeah, I haven't really had much to say.

I'm happy he's playing. I think it should be the choice of the person whether they want to get the vaccination. "It's a difficult one. I can see why people are angry. But to me, honestly, I don't really give a shit. I just think people should have their say if they want to get vaccinated or not."

Djokovic announced the news on Tuesday

"Happy New Year, everybody!

Wishing you all health, love, and happiness in every present moment and may you feel love & respect towards all beings on this wonderful planet," Djokovic said in an Instagram post. "I’ve spent fantastic quality time with my loved ones over the break and today I’m heading Down Under with an exemption permission.

Let’s go 2022!" The Djokovic news didn't sit well with some in Australia. Australian Open tournament director Craig Tiley defended the decision as he insisted Djokovic wasn't subject to any special favors. “If they didn’t meet the guidelines, and there were many that didn’t so therefore they were rejected, but if they met the guidelines including for example – which a lot of people forget – is one of those conditions is having COVID recently, in the past six months,” Tiley said on Nine on Wednesday morning.

“Any person who met those conditions has been allowed to come in. There’s been no special favour. There’s been no special opportunity granted to Novak”.

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