Novak Djokovic lands in Australia, but his drama continues after rejected visa

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Novak Djokovic lands in Australia, but his drama continues after rejected visa

World no. 1 Novak Djokovic has arrived in Melbourne following all the drama and unsolved questions over the last ten days or so. The nine-time Australian Open champion used an "exemption permission" to land in Australia without proof of vaccination, which caused a massive rage among the Aussies and those who do not share Novak's vaccination theses.

While Djokovic completed a long Melbourne trip from Spain, where he spent the holidays, he still can not leave the airport with his team, with more drama gathering over his Australian Open participation. The Serb, his coach, and the rest of the squad have a visa issue.

The Victorian Government rejected a late-night request from the federal government to support world no. 1's visa hours before landing in Melbourne. Earlier in the evening, the federal Border Force contacted the state government after realizing Djokovic's team had submitted the wrong type of visa!

Federal authorities then reached the Victorian departmental officials to formally support Novak's application.

Novak Djokovic's Australian saga continues.

Victorian officials asked the federal authorities to submit their request and eventually rejected to approve Djokovic's visa.

Border Force officials have the discretion to allow Djokovic into the country despite the Victorian government move, but the drama around the nine-time Australian Open continues well after midnight. Australia's Prime Minister Scott Morrison stated that 'Djokovic will be on next plane home' without proof of vaccine exemption.

Novak has remained silent about this topic, and almost everyone from the tennis world expects him to clarify his status as soon as possible. The tournament organizers insist Djokovic has not benefited from any "special favor" after being granted the indefinite medical exemption.

"Any individual seeking to enter Australia must comply with our border requirements. Novak has to because if he's not vaccinated, he must provide acceptable proof that he can not be vaccinated for medical reasons and to be able to access the same travel arrangements as fully vaccinated travelers.

We await his presentation and what evidence he provides to support that. If that evidence is insufficient, he will not be treated differently from anyone else and will be on the next plane home. There should be no special rules for Novak Djokovic at all, none whatsoever," Australia's Prime Minister Scott Morrison said.