Mauro Berruto attacks Djokovic: "I'm disgusted"

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Mauro Berruto attacks Djokovic: "I'm disgusted"
Mauro Berruto attacks Djokovic: "I'm disgusted"

Novak Djokovic's issue also takes hold outside the ATP Tour, and not only. In addition to the many tennis players and personalities close to tennis who have expressed their opinion (mostly against) on the medical exemption received by the Serbian champion to participate in the Australian Open, public figures such as virologist Roberto Burioni have also criticized the choice of the committee organization of the Australian slam to allow Novak Djokovic to reach the state of Victory.

However, as we later saw, upon arriving at the airport, Novak was blocked due to a problem with his Visa, and therefore the Serb was not allowed to enter the country. Now Djokovic has appealed, the final outcome of the affair is awaited.

The last to attack Djokovic was Italian Mauro Berruto, sports manager of the Democratic Party and former coach of the men's volleyball team. Berruto has made poison statements against the 20-time Serbian slam champion.

Mauro Berruto: "I'm disgusted"

The current member of the national secretariat with responsibility for sport, former coach of Italvolley and former Technical Director of the Italian national archery team, used very harsh words towards Novak Djokovic.

"I am disgusted by the umpteenth trick to get around the rules," he told LaPresse Berruto. "I don't know whether to start with him, as an athlete and model for fans, or with the organizers who let the message pass that one is strong with the weak and weak with the strong.

This creates a strong disparity with the athletes who, on the other hand, are respectful of the rules." Berruto then continued arguing that: "Djokovic should explain the reasons for this exemption. It is an unspeakable story from any point of view you look at it, especially for what I expect from a sportsman." The former national volleyball coach then concluded: "Now I expect a stance from his colleagues, from those who have respected the rules.

It would be the best answer." Berruto had already expressed his indignation on Twitter, commenting on the news of the exemption granted to Djokovic as one: "a sensational scandal, a precedent of unprecedented danger and only deserves the disgust of all sportsmen who believe in respecting the rules".