Renata Voracova detained in same immigration hotel as Novak Djokovic

Voracova played a match in Melbourne this week but then her visa got revoked.

by Dzevad Mesic
Renata Voracova detained in same immigration hotel as Novak Djokovic

Czech tennis player Renata Voracova's visa was cancelled and she was taken to the same immigration hotel as world No. 1 Novak Djokovic, the ABC reported. Voracova played a match in Australia this week as she lost a doubles match at the Melbourne Summer Set 2.

"We can confirm that Czech tennis player Renata Voracova is in the same detention as Djokovic, together with several other players," the Czech Foreign Ministry said in a statement. "We submitted through our embassy in Canberra a protest note and are asking for an explanation of the situation.

"However, Renata Voracová decided to drop out of the tournament due to limited possibilities for training and to leave Australia."

Voracova, Djokovic had their visa cancelled

Djokovic was detained at the Melbourne Airport for nine hours before he was told that his visa was cancelled.

“Djokovic’s visa has been cancelled. Rules are rules, especially when it comes to our borders. No one is above these rules. Our strong border policies have been critical to Australia having one of the lowest death rates in the world from COVID, we are continuing to be vigilant," Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison tweeted.

Djokovic's father, Srdjan, called out Australian authorities and specifically mentioned Morrison. “The leader of that faraway land, Scott Morrison… Dared to attack Novak and expel him before he had reached their country.

They had wanted to throw him to his knees, and not just him, but our beautiful Serbia,” Srdjan said. "It's a shameful decision. Deportation. All of us need to go out and welcome him [when he comes back]. I can’t talk to my son; they present him as a criminal.

I'm lost for words for all what they have done to him”. Djokovic has appealed the decision and he will stay in Melbourne until the court makes its decision in the case.

Novak Djokovic