Novak Djokovic shares first message since being detained

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Novak Djokovic shares first message since being detained

World No. 1 Novak Djokovic shared his first message since being detained as he thanked everyone who has shown him support. Djokovic landed in Melbourne on January 5 and he was detained for nine hours at the airport before being told that his visa was cancelled.

Djokovic appealed the decision and he was transported to an immigration hotel. "Thank you to people around the world for your continuos support. I can feel it and it is greatly appreciated," Djokovic said in an Instagram Story.

The whole Djokovic family called out Australian authorities

“He was taken to a migrant hotel to a dirty room without any belongings, which he was told would be returned to him upon his return to Europe,” Djokovic's brother, Djordje, said, per Gaspar Ribeiro Lanca.

“He was treated like a criminal while he is a healthy and decent man and a sportsman who has not endangered anyone’s life and has not committed any federal or legal offence”. Djokovic's mother, Dijana, said the whole situation has been very difficult for her.

“It very difficult for me to go through this. No one deserved this kind of treatment, especially not him. This is a political position, that he cannot play, it is a scandal. To put him in dirty hotels, to have no contact with us, is an unprecedented treatment," Dijana Djokovic said.

Meanwhile, Djokovic's father, Srdjan, called out Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison. “Jesus was crucified on the cross, and everything was done to him, but he is alive among us even now. Now Novak is being crucified, they are doing everything to him,” Srdjan said.

“The leader of that faraway land, Scott Morrison… Dared to attack Novak and expel him before he had reached their country. They had wanted to throw him to his knees, and not just him, but our beautiful Serbia."