PTPA release statement on Novak Djokovic's detainment

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PTPA release statement on Novak Djokovic's detainment

The PTPA has confirmed it has been in close contact with Novak Djokovic and acknowledged they will keep monitoring the situation regarding the world No. 1. After being awarded a medical exemption for the Australian Open, Djokovic landed in Melbourne on January 5.

After being detained at the airport for nine hours, Djokovic was told his visa was cancelled but he appealed to the decision. Djokovic appealed the decision and is awaiting the court's decision. "The PTPA has been in close contact with Mr.

Djokovic, his family and legal counsel, government officials, and Australian Open leadership," the PTPA said in a statement. “Mr. Djokovic has verified his well-being to us. He has also requested that we allow him to personally share the facts of his detainment in his own words, and in his own time."

'Djokovic should have the freedom to compete'

“With the utmost respect for all personal views on vaccinations, vaccinated athletes and unvaccinated athletes (with an approved medical exemption) should both be afforded the freedom to compete.

“We will continue to support and advocate for our members, and all players, in a manner that is acceptable to them. “On the Serbian Orthodox Christmas Eve, we are grateful Mr. Djokovic is safe and we are able to communicate with him.

We will continue to monitor his health, safety, and well-being. “We look forward to his time back on the court”. Meanwhile, Djokovic's brother, Djordje, blasted Australian authorities for treating his brother like a "criminal."

“He was taken to a migrant hotel to a dirty room without any belongings, which he was told would be returned to him upon his return to Europe,” Djokovic's brother, Djordje, said, per Gaspar Ribeiro Lanca.

“He was treated like a criminal while he is a healthy and decent man and a sportsman who has not endangered anyone’s life and has not committed any federal or legal offence”.