Detained Renata Voracova: Feels like prison, hope Novak Djokovic plays AO

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Detained Renata Voracova: Feels like prison, hope Novak Djokovic plays AO

Czech Renata Voracova said the Melbourne detention center in which she has been placed feels “a bit like prison”. Voracova played doubles at the Melbourne Summer Set 2 this week before her visa was cancelled.

On Friday, Voracova had her visa revoked and she was taken to the same detention center as world No. 1 Novak Djokovic. “I’m in a room and I can’t go anywhere,” Voracova told Czech dailies DNES and Sport.

“My window is shut tight, I can’t open it five centimetres (two inches). “And there are guards everywhere, even under the window, which is quite funny. Maybe they thought I would jump and run away,” added Voracova, labelling the hotel as “a better dormitory”.

“They bring me food and there’s a guard in the corridor. You have to report, everything is rationed. I feel a bit like in prison”. “It felt like in an action movie and it wasn’t pleasant at all,” said Voracova.

Voracova won’t appeal the decision

Unlike Djokovic, Voracova won’t appeal as she is planning to return him. “I would have to ask for another visa and wait for a week, locked up in a hotel, without training...

it doesn’t make sense,” she said. “So I’m waiting for a permit (to leave), on Saturday perhaps”. Voracova said she hopes 20-time Grand Slam champion Djokovic is allowed to play the Australian Open.

“I would like them to let him play. We are athletes, we have come here to play tennis and not to deal with disputes behind the scenes,” Voracova said. Also, Voracova said Djokovic’s supporters in the street are showing their support nonstop.

“They sing, they chant. They have even chanted my name. There are crowds of fans. I guess they work shifts,” Voracova said of Djokovic’s supporters. Voracova didn’t enjoy a great start to the season as she and partner Katarzyna Pitar lost their doubles opener at the Melbourne Summer Set 2.