Novak Djokovic tested positive on December 16 in Serbia

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Novak Djokovic tested positive on December 16 in Serbia

The 20-time Major winner Novak Djokovic prepares for his hearing on Monday, giving his best to stay in Australia and compete at the season's opening Major in Melbourne. After everything going on in the last couple of days, there's another twist in the tale revealed in the court documents.

Namely, Novak tested positive for the coronavirus on December 16 in Serbia and will try to use that in his defense. Djokovic is fighting to stay in Australia and seek the tenth Australian Open crown after failing to provide the required evidence and meet the entry requirements to come into Australia.

Heading Down Under with the "medical exemption," Novak was held at the airport after he arrived from Dubai, and the Australian Border Force wanted to deport him on Thursday.

Novak Djokovic will meet the court in Melbourne on Monday.

The ABF felt the evidence provided by the 34-year-old was insufficient, given that he is unvaccinated.

However, Tennis Australia had told players they did not need to be vaccinated against Covid if they could prove they had contracted the virus in the past six months, which was a starting point in Novak's trip Down Under.

In an outline of submissions filed to the Federal Circuit and Family Court on Saturday, Djokovic had tested positive for Covid, most probably on December 16. The documents claim Djokovic received a letter on December 1 from the Department of Home Affairs regarding his Australian Travel Declaration, saying he met the requirements for a quarantine-free arrival into Australia.

Djokovic faces up to four potential outcomes from his hearing on Monday. If he defends his case and gains a visa, Novak will stay in the country and compete at the Australian Open. Djokovic will have to leave Australia and miss his favorite Major if he fails.

After leaving the airport, Novak was taken to the infamous Park Hotel that houses refugees. He did not like the conditions and asked to join the rest of his team in a private house they rented, which was denied. World no. 1 also asked his chef to cook his meals, but that was also rejected. Novak is a nine-time Australian Open champion, dominating Down Under and claiming three consecutive titles from 2019.