Refugee detained in same hotel as Novak Djokovic: We've been served mold in our bread

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Refugee detained in same hotel as Novak Djokovic: We've been served mold in our bread

Iranian refugee Adnan Choopani sent expressed his support to world No. 1 Novak Djokovic. Choopani, who is being detained in the same hotel as Djokovic, said nobody deserves to be placed in that detention centre. After Djokovic's visa was cancelled, he was transported to an immigration hotel.

Djokovic's request to stay in a rented apartment with his team was denied. "Novak, you're not alone. You have lots of support, we love you, we wanna see you succeed... wish you all luck. Wish you freedom, like how we wish for ourselves," Choopani said, as quoted on Sportskeeda.

"I feel really suffering here because I wouldn't wish Australian detention for anybody. And we didn't deserve it, Djokovic didn't deserve it. I think he's been mixed up by some politicians..."

Choopani hopes Djokovic soon leaves

Choopani offered a concerning insight into the hotel condition, saying they have "no access to any fresh air." "To be honest, the condition is getting worse day by day.

For example, the food is terrible, it's very low quality..." Choopani remarked. "We have been served mold in our bread. And we have no access to any fresh air." Choopani is hoping everything will work out well for Djokovic and he will soon leave the detention.

"When a person has been a victim, and he's innocent... holed in a place like detention. If he sees others outside these walls, it's probably gonna pull his spirit up and give him some strength to deal with the situation. It will warm our hearts if Djokovic is out of the situation," Choopani said.

Meanwhile, Djokovic's family has ripped the Australian authorities over their treatment of the world No. 1. Djokovic is a record nine-time Grand Slam champion but his chances of contending for a 10th title at Melbourne Park don't seem to be very high at the moment. Djokovic should know on Monday if he will be able to play the Australian Open.

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