Jimmy Connors: Don't f--- up Australian Open by not letting Novak Djokovic play

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Jimmy Connors: Don't f--- up Australian Open by not letting Novak Djokovic play

Former world No. 1 Jimmy Connors warned the Australian authorities not to "screw up" the Australian Open by not letting world No. 1 Novak Djokovic play. Djokovic was detained at the Melbourne Airport for nine hours before he was told his visa was cancelled.

Djokovic appealed the decision and he was transported to an immigration hotel.

Tennys Sandgren saw Connors' tweet and reacted. "I’m convinced if we sent Jimbo to Melbourne he’d set this s--- straight faster than you can say double vaccinated," Sandgren said.

Sandgren also spoke about the Djokovic situation

Djokovic has his court hearing on Monday as he hopes he will be granted a visa.

"I'd probably just go home," Sandgren told Sky News. "I'm not sure if I would follow through with the lawsuit on Monday... I can see why you would do that if you feel you have been treated unjustly or in an unfair manner....For me I'd just go home." Sandgren thinks Djokovic would be "fearsome" if he was allowed to play the Australian Open.

"You can see him walking on the court and getting a plethora of boos and jeers and playing just fine," Sandgren added. "I don't want to play him anyway, let alone when he has been locked up in a cage, quote unquote, for a few days - I don't want to see that!

"When he is determined, he won't let go ever - he will literally dig to the depths of his soul to not be stopped." Former Australian Open tournament director Paul McNamee also expressed his support for Djokovic. “It’s not fair.

The guy played by the rules, he got his visa, he arrives, he’s a nine-time champion and whether people like it or not he’s entitled to fair play,” McNamee told ABC News. “There’s no doubt there’s some disconnect between the State and the federal government. I hate to think politics are involved but it feels that way."

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