Srdjan Djokovic: Novak will leave Australia if court decides he has to leave

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Srdjan Djokovic: Novak will leave Australia if court decides he has to leave

Srdjan Djokovic stated that Novak will leave Australia if the court decides that he has to leave. Djokovic was detained at the Melbourne Airport for nine hours before he was told his visa was cancelled. Djokovic was then transported to an immigration hotel.

Djokovic appealed the decision and he has a court hearing scheduled for Monday. "If the court decides that he has to leave, he will leave [Australia]. If the court decides that he stays, he will stay. But it won’t be politicans who decide about that;" Srdjan said.

Djokovic's father said Novak was placed in 'prison'

Srdjan said his son was placed in prison, not in detention.

“Novak and his team filed the same type of documents as those 25 other tennis players and they didn't have any problems, just Novak. They wanted to humiliate him,” Srdjan said, per Sky Sports. “He's not in detention, he's in prison.

They took all of his stuff, even his wallet. They left him with just a phone and no change of clothes, nowhere to wash his face. He's in prison, our pride is a prisoner of these idiots”. Srdjan has been ripping the Australian authorities for days as a few days ago he called out Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison.

“The leader of that faraway land, Scott Morrison… Dared to attack Novak and expel him before he had reached their country. They had wanted to throw him to his knees, and not just him, but our beautiful Serbia,” Srdjan said.

"It's a shameful decision. Deportation. All of us need to go out and welcome him [when he comes back]. I can’t talk to my son; they present him as a criminal. I'm lost for words for all what they have done to him”. Djokovic announced on Tuesday he was granted a medical exemption for the Australian Open.

The Australian authorities immediately reacted to the news and indicated there could be problems when Djokovic lands in Australia.

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