NBA star Bogdan Bogdanovic on Novak Djokovic: You can't cancel greatness

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NBA star Bogdan Bogdanovic on Novak Djokovic: You can't cancel greatness

Serbian NBA star Bogdan Bogdanovic has expressed his support fpr world No. 1 Novak Djokovic. Djokovic is being detained in an immigration hotel in Melbourne as he awaits his court hearing that will determine whether or not he is allowed to play the Australian Open.

Bogdanovic wore a tshirt that had Djokovic's picture printed on it. On the tshirt, it reads: "You can't cancel the greatness." Bogdanovic posted a picture of himself wearing that tshirt on Instagram. "You can't cancel the greatness," Bogdanovic captioned an Instagram post.

Paul McNamee defends Djokovic

Former Australian Open tournament director McNamee said Djokovic played by the rules and he hates to think politics are involved in this.

“It’s not fair. The guy played by the rules, he got his visa, he arrives, he’s a nine-time champion and whether people like it or not he’s entitled to fair play,” McNamee told ABC News. “There’s no doubt there’s some disconnect between the State and the federal government.

I hate to think politics are involved but it feels that way. “He is the only player that I’ve ever known in the history of the Australian Open that has had his visa rescinded,” added McNamee. “Players need to know with confidence that if they’re flying round the world to events, there’s not going to be this sort of problem at entry.

“It’s a problem we’ve seen over the last two years in Australia and the victim of that is the No.1 player in the world. “He was following the rules. Now you might be angry that he was given an exemption, but players need to have confidence that the rules they abide by are going to be enforced.

It’s not fair to him. Whether you like the rules or not, he doesn’t make the rules - so he deserves his day on court and not in court, in my opinion”.