Dijana Djokovic: Novak is in prison, they don't give him breakfast

Djokovic's mother, Dijana, shocked by the treatment her son is receiving.

by Dzevad Mesic
Dijana Djokovic: Novak is in prison, they don't give him breakfast

Dijana Djokovic says her son Novak was placed in prison, not in detention as the Australian authorities claim. After Djokovic's visa was cancelled, he was transported to an immigration hotel. "They locked him up. He isn't in detention, he's in prison.

They don't give him breakfast, he only has lunch and dinner [...] These aren't human conditions. [...] He looks at a wall, he doesn't have a normal window so he could look at the park," Dijana said.

A few days ago, Dijana described the treatment her son was receiving as "scandalous." "It is very difficult for me to go through this.

No one deserved this kind of treatment, especially not him. This is a political position, that he cannot play, it is a scandal. To put him in dirty hotels, to have no contact with us, is an unprecedented treatment," Dijana said a few days ago.

Djokovic appealed the decision

"He's staying in Park Hotel until the final decision is made," Serbian Prime Minister Ana Brnabic told Serbian media. "We've managed to make sure gluten-free food is delivered to him, as well as exercising tools, a laptop and a SIM card so that he is able to be in contact with his family." Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic revealed a few days ago that Djokovic asked his country if they could get him out of the immigration hotel.

"We did everything we could. Last night I talked to Novak for the first time, this morning for the second time, in accordance with the agreements we have, Ana Brnabic is just calling on the phone, praying and asking for one thing.

That before the final decision of the court on Monday, they allow Novak not to be in this infamous hotel, but in the house he rented. That is what Novak asked from his country, it is our obligation to protect our citizens. I talked to him last night and this morning, our ministry is involved," Vucic said.