Laurent Lokoli shows support for Novak Djokovic

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Laurent Lokoli shows support for Novak Djokovic

French tennis player Laurent Lokoli hopes Novak Djokovic will get a chance to play the Australian Open and hopefully win it. "If Djoko can participate and win the Australian Open he will silence all his detractors and just for that I will support him until the end," Lokoli tweeted.

Djokovic's visa was cancelled by the Australian Border Force but on Monday the judge reinstated the Serb's visa. "No one should be treated the way he was treated when he arrived. He followed everything, otherwise he wouldn't have come to play," Lokoli added.

Many believe the politics have played a major part in the whole Djokovic situation. "The big problem was and will remain that he found himself in the midst of a political conflict between the federal state which sets the laws and rules at the borders and the state of Victoria which allowed him to play," Lokoli explained.

The Djokovic situation far from over

"Night without sleep for our whole family, really rough moments. Novak has shown that he is persistent and that he believes in his ideals. He won this fight for the whole world," Djokovic's brother, Djordje, said on Serbian TV, as quoted on Tennis Majors.

"The Judge has made the right ruling based on facts, but we are receiving info that the Minister is above the court. Novak is in a political whirlwind, the people in Australia are unhappy since they have been locked down basically since the pandemic started.

"t's definitely politics. What we can do is to let this be known all over social media – they want to capture and lock up Novak again. "That's the last info, we are currently consulting with PRs about our next steps. He is at the moment with his lawyers in the room they were during the hearing, thinking about his options." Djokovic's visa could still be cancelled by Australian Immigration Minister Alex Hawke.

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