Nikoloz Basilashvili: Just remember how much Novak Djokovic did for Australia

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Nikoloz Basilashvili: Just remember how much Novak Djokovic did for Australia

Georgian tennis star Nikoloz Basilashvili came to the defence of Novak Djokovic and stated that the Australians are quickly forgetting what the Serb did for them during the bushfires. Djokovic was detained at the airport, had his visa cancelled and got transported to an immigration hotel.

The judge reinstated Djokovic's visa on Monday but Australian Immigration Minister Alex Hawke could still decide to revoke the Serb's visa. "You guys are not realizing that he has nothing against Australia or Australians, plus he has an official medical exemption," Basilashvili stated in one of his Instagram comments.

"Remember how much he did for Australia; he donated himself and helped raising money to fight the bushfires. He made the Australian Open much more popular (by) winning it nine times. In these times this is a hard decision to take, in my opinion he was not treated fairly."

Basilashvili, Nick Kyrgios defend Djokovic

"I just want it to end. I'm feeling for him now. It's not really humane, is it, what's going on?" Kyrgios told reporters.

"If this was a normal person, they wouldn't have to deal with this media side bulls--t. "His life is probably hard enough as it is. I know what that's like. I just hope it gets sorted soon. "I don't know if we're on talking terms.

But that's the funny thing about me and Novak. We actually used to be friends. We used to practice at events and, again, the media has divided us, as well. "They've just blown some of it out of proportion, and now it's almost made it 30 times worse, where it was really not that bad.

"I remember Novak was one of the only actual players when I was young that came towards me and said if you ever need anything, feel free to reach out, and I'll be open to help. "But I feel like he's helped us, as well. During the bushfires he was supportive, he was helping us out. We're so quick to forget."