Srdjan Djokovic calls on Queen Elizabeth to intervene, protect Novak's human rights

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Srdjan Djokovic calls on Queen Elizabeth to intervene, protect Novak's human rights

Srdjan Djokovic has called on the Queen Elizabeth to intervene and stop the "political prosecution" against Novak. Djokovic's visa was cancelled upon his arrival to Australian but on Monday the Serb won his case in court and the judge reinstated his visa.

However, the Djokovic drama is far from over as Australian Immigration Minister Alex Hawke could make the call to revoke the Serb's visa. "I call on the Queen of Britain, Elizabeth, the leader of the Commonwealth, to intervene and protect the human rights of my son and to stop the political prosecution that has been carried out against him since he came to Australia," Srdjan said, per Gaspar Ribeiro Lanca.

Djokovic's mother, Dijana, admitted she is worried her son's visa could again get cancelled.

"I am very worried, but I don't what to think like that. I just hope that it will stay like this: that he will be free and he will play," Dijana said.

'Djokovic had no reason to sign his visa revocation'

Srdjan claimed the Australian authorities tried to force Novak to sign his visa revocation but he knew there was no reason for that.

"Thank you to everyone in the world that has been fighting for the freedom of speech. Various things have happened, and it's been difficult but he's extremely strong mentally. He always tried to help, kept a good behaviour," Srdjan said, per Tennis Majors.

"The last game have been played the past 5 days. Let him now play the game he's the best in the world at. They took away his rights. They attempted to persuade him to sign his visa revocation. He refused to because there was no reason.

"He was alone with them for several hours, without a phone. He finally had his phone back and could contact his legal team who made a very good work. We respect the law and rules of every country where we go."