Barbara Schett fears Novak Djokovic could face hostile reception at AO

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Barbara Schett fears Novak Djokovic could face hostile reception at AO

Eurosport tennis expert Barbar Schett believes world No. 1 Novak Djokovic will be able to play the Australian Open. Djokovic was detained at the Melbourne Airport for nine hours before his visa was revoked. Djokovic was then transported to an immigration hotel, where he spent the next few days.

Djokovic appealed the decision and on Monday his visa court hearing took place. The judge ruled in Djokovic's favor as the world No. 1 got his visa reinstated. “I think he will be able to play (the Australian Open),” Schett told Eurosport.

“We know he's an exceptional athlete. “I'm sure it wasn't easy for him now to stay in his quarantine hotel for the last three or four days where he couldn't exercise at all. He couldn't play tennis at all."

Schett on what she fears if Djokovic plays

"He still has enough time to acclimatise and get ready for it.

But just mentally how hard is it going to be to step out there on the court?" Schett continued. “Because there's gonna be people you know who support him, but it's also going to be people who won't support him at all.

“So, Australia, I think, and the whole world is paying very close attention to what's gonna happen when he steps out there on the court. "We all know they've been going through so much heartache in the last couple of years with all these horrible lockdowns: 270 days alone in Melbourne and they couldn't see their loved ones.

"There's still some restrictions everywhere. And I think the public in Australia is not 100 percent happy with this verdict." Despite the court ruling, there is still a chance Djokovic won't be able to play at Melbourne Park.

Australian Immigration Minister could make the call to revoke Djokovic's visa. In case that happens, record nine-time Australian Open champion Djokovic will be forced to leave the country.