Pam Shriver: Booing will be deafening if Novak Djokovic plays at Australian Open

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Pam Shriver: Booing will be deafening if Novak Djokovic plays at Australian Open

Former world No. 3 Pam Shriver expects the boos to be "deafening" if Novak Djokovic plays at the Australian Open. Djokovic's lawyers in a court document said the Serb contracted COVID-19 on December 16 and that's why he granted a vaccine exemption.

The problem was that apparantly the photos surfaced of Djokovic attending events in Belgrade at around the time he tested positive. Djokovic's visa cancelled upon his arrival to Melbourne but the judge reinstated the Serb's visa on Monday.

"Based on everything you’ve seen and heard in the last few days re Djokovic, thoughts? Changed your mind at all?" The Tennis Podcast asked on Twitter. Shriver responded: "Even more questions about Novak’s decision making and integrity because either he falsified his Dec 16th positive test, or disregarded quarantine safety protocols putting children and vulnerable people at risk in the days that followed.

If he plays the booing will be deafening."

Djokovic's father was grateful for the support

After Djokovic's visa was reinstated, his father Srdjan claimed the world No. 1 was "pursuaded to sign his visa revocation" but he refused because he knew "there was no reason" to do it.

“Thank you to everyone in the world that has been fighting for the freedom of speech. Various things have happened, and it's been difficult but he's extremely strong mentally. He always tried to help, kept a good behaviour," Srdjan said, per Tennis Majors.

"The last game have been played the past 5 days. Let him now play the game he's the best in the world at. They took away his rights. They attempted to persuade him to sign his visa revocation. He refused to because there was no reason.

"He was alone with them for several hours, without a phone. He finally had his phone back and could contact his legal team who made a very good work. We respect the law and rules of every country where we go."