A journalist says Novak Djokovic lied about the virus

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A journalist says Novak Djokovic lied about the virus
A journalist says Novak Djokovic lied about the virus (Provided by Tennis World USA)

The well-known American journalist Ben Rothenberg has released some absolutely not indifferent details on the Novak Djokovic's issue, somehow casting doubt on his positivity. Then Djokovic's visa was canceled and he left the Australia after some days on drama.

Analyze the anomalies on the test carried out by the athlete: "The positive Covid test presented by Novak on December 16 (confirmation code 7371999-259039) is supplied with a QR Code. When that code is scanned, anyone can try it, you come across a website showing that the test was *negative*, not positive," he attacked through his Twitter profile.

Then the update a few hours later: "I just tried it again and now the site detects an opposite result: positive test. Who's joking?" Rothenberg closed the affair with a third Tweet: "People are now getting a mix of positive / negative results from this same QR Code.
I don't know what to think, apart from the fact that it's bizarre."

Ben Rothenberg questions Novak Djokovic's COVID positivity!

The controversy surrounding Novak Djokovic therefore continues: now every aspect that has emerged on the case is creating debate on social media. The verdict of the trial did not completely resolve the case linked to Novak Djokovic, who is still not 100% sure of being able to participate to the Australian Open 2022 to defend the title won consecutively in the last three editions from 2019.

The Serbian tennis player has not yet started the 2022 season due to several problems he encountered upon arriving on the oceanic territory: the Federal Government canceled his visa after stopping him at the airport for about 8 hours, a tough decision challenged by the number one in the world, who managed to get the better of and exonerate themselves, being able to move freely in the country now.

During the trial, many interesting details emerged on the situation of the 34-year-old native of Belgrade in the last month, including the positivity to Covid-19 confirmed by himself on December 16 and up to 22: "I have all the documents that confirm this," he also stressed to remove any doubts on the matter.

Nole stressed, this time also publicly, that he has not received any anti-Covid administration up to now.

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