Dijana Djokovic on Novak vaccine stance: He is 34, has his own philosophy of life

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Dijana Djokovic on Novak vaccine stance: He is 34, has his own philosophy of life

Dijana Djokovic made it clear that she won't be pressure her son Novak to take the COVID-19 vaccine. Djokovic refused to reveal his vaccination once the Australian Open announced only fully vaccinated players would be able to play at Melbourne Park.

Instead, Djokovic applied for a medical exemption and he was granted one. "Novak is 34, me as a mother, I don’t have a way of pressuring him. He has his own philosophy of life. If he thinks like that, I can only say OK'," Dijana told Sunrise, as revealed by Sasa Ozmo.

"I know he is the healthiest guy in the world, he takes care of his body, nobody can imagine the dedication. If he doesn’t want to vaccinate, that is his choice, just like anyone else’s. Do PCR every day, and you'll see that he's healthy.

So, what’s the problem?"

Djokovic won his case in court

The Australian Border Force cancelled Djokovic's visa upon his arrival to Australia. Djokovic then spent the next few days in detention before he appeared in front of the judge.

The judge ruled in the favor of Djokovic as the Serb got his visa reinstated. After Djokovic won his case, his mother Dijana described it as the biggest win of her son's career. “We celebrate the victory of our son, who has done nothing wrong, has not broken any law and has been harassed.

He fought vs. the system because he knows he had a valid visa," Dijana said after Novak got his visa reinstated. "It was so difficult at some moments. At some point he didn't have his mobile phone, we didn't know if he was ill or so.

Every mother in the word can understand what I mean. "He couldn't see the people dancing and singing but he could hear them and it helped him. It's the biggest win of his career, bigger than any Grand Slam."