Pfizer CEO discusses Novak Djokovic vaccine drama in Australia

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Pfizer CEO discusses Novak Djokovic vaccine drama in Australia

Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla revealed that he is an "enormous Novak Djokovic" fan as he hopes the world No. 1 will change his mind and take the COVID-19 vaccine. A few months ago, Djokovic refused to reveal his vaccination status because he believed it was a private matter.

After landing in Australia, Djokovic had to reveal his vaccination status and he admitted he was unvaccinated. The Australian Open mandates participants to be fully vaccinated but Djokovic was granted a medical exemption for the event.

“I am an enormous Novak Djokovic fan, however I am unable to elaborate on whether or not he has the required paperwork to enter Australia. It is between him and the authorities and the medical doctors. Typically. For a restricted time,” Bourla explained to Bloomberg.

“In lots of international locations in Europe, your proof is legitimate for six months after the final dose of the vaccine, and within the case of spreading the virus, solely three months after a constructive check.

I can speak."

Djokovic reportedly has antibodies

Djokovic used a positive COVID-19 test from December 16 to apply for a medical exemption. Bourla told Djokovic the vaccine provides a longer protection. "The protection you're getting after an infection doesn't last as much as with the vaccine," Bourla noted.

Meanwhile, Djokovic's mother, Dijana, was asked about Novak's vaccine stance. "Novak is 34, me as a mother, I don’t have a way of pressuring him. He has his own philosophy of life. If he thinks like that, I can only say OK'," Dijana told Sunrise, as revealed by Sasa Ozmo.

"I know he is the healthiest guy in the world, he takes care of his body, nobody can imagine the dedication. If he doesn’t want to vaccinate, that is his choice, just like anyone else’s. Do PCR every day, and you'll see that he's healthy. So, what’s the problem?"