Bernard Tomic reveals Novak Djokovic comment that stuck into his mind

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Bernard Tomic reveals Novak Djokovic comment that stuck into his mind

Former world No. 17 Bernard Tomic revealed Novak Djokovic approached him in the locker room following their clash at the 2019 Miami Masters. Djokovic, ranked at No. 1 in the world, saw off Tomic 7-6 (2) 6-2 in the Miami second round.

The comment Djokovic made to Tomic after the match stuck deep into the Australian's memory. "I still remember the one thing he said to me," Tomic told The Sydney Morning Herald. "He said to me, 'Bernard, if I had half your talent, where would I be?'"

Tomic couldn't handle the pressure and expectation

Tomic, who was once considered as one of the most talented players on the Tour, was tipped by many to win multiple Grand Slams and become a world No.

1. "[My dad's] expectations of me as a player were always too high," Tomic told A Current Affair. "Being No.1, winning 10-20 grand slams … there was a lot of pressure put on me from my father. "It's not easy.

People don't see this constant world of pressure, pressure, pressure. At times, I didn't want to play tennis. "It was not something I enjoyed 100 per cent doing. But I was beating everyone and with winning comes a lot of good feelings with emotions as a young kid.

And it grew on me." Also, Tomic said he will never raise his kids the way his dad raised him. "I'm still scared of my dad," Tomic admitted. "I wouldn't want to be raising my kid the way I was raised.

"He's whacked balls at me, racquets and stuff. I mean, the guy is a crazy man, for sure. But he made me who I am today. It was discipline at 100 per cent. "When you look at it now, in a way I wouldn't raise anyone like that.

But I didn't know any better. Parents can be a little bit … you know? He's a good man and has a good heart and he put a lot of time and effort into making me who I am."