Coach: Australian politicians using Novak Djokovic to score points before election

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Coach: Australian politicians using Novak Djokovic to score points before election

Coach Filip Serdarusic absolutely believes the decision to cancel Novak Djokovic's was politically motivated. According to Sport Klub, only three from the player/coach category received the medical exemption for the Australian Open.

Those three were Serdarusic, Djokovic and Renata Voracova. Serdarusic and Voracova passed the border without any problems but they were booted out of the country after Djokovic arrived. Djokovic had his visa cancelled upon his arrival but got it back after winning his appeal in court.

On Friday, immigration Minister Alex Hawke exercised his power to revoke the visa of Djokovic. "People are making every kind of ugly comments. I will just say: when we applied for the visa, we had to meet the conditions.

Neither Novak nor I came up with an exception, we worked according to their rules and we were allowed to enter. They can score political points on him, not on the little ones like us, that's why this is happening. We just used the opportunity they gave us," Serdarusic told Sport Klub.

'The Djokovic situation an opportunity for cheap political points'

"He is ideal for that before the elections, it seems to me. If they let the Czech and me enter, why didn't they let him enter? I think Tennis Australia hoped that he would enter as we did, but everyone knows him.

If it weren't for Novak, this wouldn't have happened to us," Serdarusic added. After winning his appeal on Monday, a grateful Djokovic was hoping he would get a chance to play the Australian Open. "I am pleased and grateful that the Judge overturned my visa cancellation.

Despite all that has happened in the past week, I want to stay and to try to compete at the Australian Open. I remain focused on that. I flew here to play at one of the most important events we have in front of the amazing fans.

For now I cannot say more but THANK YOU for standing with me through all this and encouraging me to stay strong," Djokovic said in an Instagram post.