Emma Raducanu gives her take on Novak Djokovic drama

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Emma Raducanu gives her take on Novak Djokovic drama

US Open champion Emma Raducanu suggested she is a bit sorry the whole Novak Djokovic situation took the main focus away from the actual tennis. The Djokovic visa drama has marked the first two weeks of the new season. "I feel like the situation, I feel it has taken away a little bit from the great tennis that's been happening over this summer in Australia," Raducanu said, per Sportskeeda.

"For example, Andy Murray, he's in the final tonight [in Sydney], which I think is pretty incredible. To see him come back and win and play so well, definitely rooting for him later on."

Raducanu started her season this week

Raducanu, who tested positive for COVID-19 in mid-December, suffered a 6-0 6-1 loss to Elena Rybakina in the Sydney first round this week.

"It's a challenge to try and find the balance of wanting to get out there and practice straight after coming out of isolation," Raducanu acknowledged. "I'm just trying to find that balance. The first week I wasn't able to practice so much.

"But after Sydney, it was good to see where I was at that point in time. Afterwards I went out to sharpen up a few things on the practice court. All I want to see is that I'm getting slightly better and I have a better feeling.

I think that gradually I'm getting there." Raducanu, 19, is set to make her debut at the Australian Open. "I think it's going to be a very cool experience to play here in the main draw for the first time," Raducanu said.

"I played a few years ago in the juniors. Coming back here playing in the main draw so soon, I feel quite proud of this achievement. It is a bit of a different feel because back then we weren't allowed in the main area. It's quite fun to see and look around." Raducanu starts her Australian Open campaign against Sloane Stephens.