Alex Corretja on Novak Djokovic visa mess: It will be part of history

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Alex Corretja on Novak Djokovic visa mess: It will be part of history

Former world No. 2 Alex Corretja thinks the Novak Djokovic visa drama will never be forgotten. On Sunday, Djokovic lost his Australia visa appeal and was deported from the country. In an interview with Tennis365. Corretja was asked if the Djokovic saga would be remembered for a long time.

"It will be (a part of history), it will remain forever. Because in my opinion it’s not just about the tennis issue, it’s a human situation. You can either be in favour or not in favour, I am vaccinated," Corretja told Tennis365.

“We sort of created this situation of if you are vaccinated you are in one place, and if you are not vaccinated you are the opposite, or you are the enemy, you are the opponent. I am fully vaccinated, and I am in favour, so I defend this situation, I do respect whoever is not.

“I think Novak in this case he will be remembered because he’s been a champion, he is a champion, he’s probably the greatest of all time. But of course, there are some other issues in his career that people will remember, it doesn’t need to be for good or bad, it’s just part of his history”.

Djokovic out of the Australian Open

Djokovic had his visa canceled twice in Australia and he was twice detained. Djokovic travaled to Australia after being granted a medical exemption. Had Djokovic arrived vaccinated, he would have no problems entering Australia.

Many wonder if the whole visa drama in Australia will make Djokovic change his vaccine stance. “It’s up to him, it’s his choice, his call,” Corretja said. “I live in a country, and I live in a place in Spain where we need to show the Covid passport if you want to get into the restaurants, and I accepted that and I did get vaccinated because I feel it’s better for me and for the people next to me and I know that this is what’s going on."