Ruud: I'm top-10 but Djokovic, Medvedev and Zverev are on different level

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Ruud: I'm top-10 but Djokovic, Medvedev and Zverev are on different level

World No. 8 Casper Ruud made it clear his goal for 2022 is to perform well on the Grand Slam stage. Ruud captured five ATP titles last year but all of those five titles came on the ATP 250 level. Ruud's best Grand Slam result so far has been the Australian Open fourth round he achieved last year.

“For me, Grand Slams this year will be the tournaments where I feel I have the most to improve, because last year I did well here but the three other ones, I wasn’t able to do as well as I hoped,” Ruud admitted, per the ATP website.

Ruud shows respect for the top-3 players

Ruud is now a top-10 player but he admitted Novak Djokovic, Daniil Medvedev and Alexander Zverev are on a different level. “I think that even though I was able to break into the Top 10 last year and have my best year on Tour, I still feel like I’m a little bit behind the really top guys.

Djokovic, Medvedev, Zverev, they are a bit on a different level, I think,” Ruud reflected. “I’ve been able to play them a couple of times and I don’t feel like I’ve been too close, unfortunately.

Of course, the scorelines have been close here and there, the first time I played Novak I had a couple of set points in the first set back in 2020, but I still feel they are on a bit of a different level. And I wish, of course, that I can reach that level myself but it’s a good indication that I need to keep working hard… “But I think we’re all eager to catch up and challenge them for the bigger titles in the coming years and if we look at the big picture, in the next 15, 20 years I think we will have more people and players that will be able to win Grand Slams and challenge each other to win Grand Slams and the biggest titles on Tour”.