'Novak Djokovic decides whether or not he wants to do it', says legend

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'Novak Djokovic decides whether or not he wants to do it', says legend

The saga that led Novak Djokovic to be expelled from Australia has held the ground for the past two weeks. The aftermath of this sad story is destined to affect the rest of the season, unless the Serb chooses to get vaccinated after this mishap.

The world number 1 was not allowed to defend his title at the Australian Open, having to postpone overtaking Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal in the all-time rankings of the Majors. The 34-year-old from Belgrade was chasing his 10th seal at Melbourne Park, the fourth in a row.

Although he won his first appeal before Judge Anthony Kelly, the 20-time Grand Slam champion had his visa canceled for the second time by Immigration Minister Alex Hawke. The Federal Court did not uphold the appeal filed by Nole's lawyers, who had to leave Australia a few hours after the sentence.

It should be remembered that Djokovic risks not being able to enter the country for three years, a direct consequence of Hawke’s exercise of ministerial power. Interviewed by ESPN, John McEnroe did not hold back when asked his opinion on this story.

McEnroe opens up on Djokovic

"[It’s an] absolute joke what’s gone on the last 12 days," McEnroe said. "It’s sad the way it ended. I watched it play out live. It’s total BS. If Novak Djokovic decides not to have a vaccine and the Australian authorities say - 'you cannot go down there, unless you’re vaccinated' - end of story, it’s black and white."

The American then defended the 34-year-old for standing by his views and suggested this trait has helped him become one of tennis' greatest players. "He decides whether or not he wants to do it," McEnroe continued.

"He’s got very strong beliefs and he’s entitled to those beliefs. The guy’s won it (the Australian Open) nine times. It was gutsy [to go] in a way. I’ve got to hand it to him. I’ve got seven Majors, he’s got 20.

The reason he’s got a lot more than me is because he’s willing to go risk that, to go down there. You’re talking about a guy that was potentially about to break Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal’s record (of 20 men's Grand Slam titles, which the Serb shares) and that he was willing to go to these lengths - 'I don’t want to get vaccinated but I’m going to do whatever it takes'," McEnroe added.

The World No. 1 had been aiming to secure a 10th Australian Open title, having won the previous three editions of the event. He is level on 20 Major titles with great rivals Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer.