Toni Nadal: RG decision may force Novak Djokovic to rethink his beliefs

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Toni Nadal: RG decision may force Novak Djokovic to rethink his beliefs

Coach Toni Nadal admitted he was surprised by how far the whole Novak Djokovic saga went. On Sunday, the Djokovic saga finally reached its end after Djokovic lost his Australia visa appeal and was deported from the country.

“It has surprised me that the situation has gotten to where it has gotten," Toni told the Onde Cero radio network, as quoted on Sportskeeda. "Djokovic could have done things in a different way. There is an unquestionable reality and that is that to play in Australia he had to get vaccinated or have an exemption.

“I start from the base that any organizer of a tournament wants to have Djokovic, it is normal, because he is a great player, he is one of the best in history. For a tournament it is very good to have his presence. I do not think it has gone against him intentionally, but that they have not given him the exemptions.

That's all."

‘AO may not have taken place had everyone followed Djokovic’

“It is a debate that has transcended the world of sports about whether we vaccinate or not," added the Spaniard. "If they tell you that to play you have to comply with regulations, then you comply or not.

Yes, [if] everyone would have taken Djokovic's line if he hadn't been vaccinated, maybe there wouldn't be an Australian Open. The ATP asks you to get vaccinated and the other two players who have not been vaccinated agreed not to go play."

The French Open organizers are expected to introduce mandatory vaccination for this year’s event. In case that happens, Toni says Nadal will have to reconsider his beliefs. “He can have his convictions, but at a given moment you still have to rethink them when they tell you that things are going this way," Toni said.

"I suppose he will do something because if they tell him that he will not be able to play at Roland Garros either, he has a big problem. There will be no choice but to rethink his principles. Let's hope that the pandemic passes quickly, that everything returns to normal and that Djokovic can also return to normal."