'I'd never seen Novak Djokovic so panicked', says analyst

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'I'd never seen Novak Djokovic so panicked', says analyst

The situation of world number one Novak Djokovic continues to make noise. The Serbian champion was forced to give up the 2022 Australian Open after the Australian government denied him the medical exemption initially granted.

The situation of Novak Djokovic has caused discussion in all the countries of the world and now there is curiosity to understand how other countries will behave in the face of Nole's case. Djokovic, unless sensational second thoughts, does not want to get the vaccine and therefore will have to submit to the regulations of each country.

In the last few hours, the Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez has spoken and has made statements that certainly do not please the strong tennis player, winner of twenty Grand Slam titles. Sanchez was quite in agreement with the Australian government's decision to oust the Balkan tennis player.

Given the strong will not to carry out the vaccine (the Serbian also admitted it in talks with the Australian government) it will be increasingly complicated for the athlete to play tennis tournaments and enter some countries of the world panorama, thus complicating his dream.

to reach the twenty-first Slam and thus overcome the great rivals Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal, the latter already on the pitch now in Melbourne and ready to try yet another great feat of his career. The Iberian politician made the following statements: "The rules are made to be respected and no one is above the rules.

If the Australian Government has approved these rules then they must be followed to the letter."

Jensen comments on Novak Djokovic

1993 French Open doubles champion Luke Jensen believes Novak Djokovic can never be as popular or loved as Roger Federer, who he reckons is the "James Bond" of tennis.

"I was on the court with the biggest men's match in over 50 years - Rod Laver won the calendar Grand Slam in 1969. And you've got Novak Djokovic, which, you know, all these years later playing at last year's US Open for that calendar grand slam against Medvedev," Luke Jensen said.

"I was across the court from Novak. And I'd never seen him so panicked, so afraid of the match, of the moment." According to the American, Federer's spotless image on and off the court is what sets him apart. On the other hand, Djokovic often finds himself embroiled in one controversy or another.

"And unfortunately, he (Djokovic) didn't win that match. But he I think he's trying to reach for something that - there's no way he can be the tennis version of James Bond. Roger Federer is James Bond," Luke Jensen said. "He's (Roger Federer) the greatest player that ever played because of what he does on the court," he added.

"But also off the court the way he conducts himself. He doesn't get in these jams and messes that that Novak seems to get into, like from time to time consistently now."

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