'Novak Djokovic wants to be liked so bad by the crowd', says expert

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'Novak Djokovic wants to be liked so bad by the crowd', says expert

Two days after the decision taken by the Federal Court, Tennis Australia has finally expressed itself on the Novak Djokovic case. The Australian Tennis Federation certainly cannot be considered faultless, especially after the rumors gathered by News Corp.

Tennis Australia allegedly provided incorrect information on the admission rules for unvaccinated players. The story that saw Renata Voracova as the protagonist would represent the clearest proof. The Czech player initially received permission to enter Australia from border agents and played doubles in one of the pre Australian Open tournaments.

Only after the cancellation of Djokovic's visa, Voracova was subjected to harsh interrogation and subsequently deported. "As an Australian tennis family, we recognize that recent events have been a significant distraction for all and we deeply regret the impact this has had on all players," writes Tennis Australia in an official statement.

"Tennis Australia has worked closely with the federal and Victoria State governments over the past year to deliver a Covid-safe Australian Open for players, staff and fans. There are always lessons to be learned."

In the short press release, Tennis Australia has never mentioned the Serbian champion and has not at all focused on the details of the story. One of Djokovic's main sponsors also issued an official statement.

Djokovic broke down in tears

1993 French Open doubles champion Luke Jensen believes Novak Djokovic can never be as popular or loved as Roger Federer, who he reckons is the "James Bond" of tennis.

"I was on the court with the biggest men's match in over 50 years - Rod Laver won the calendar Grand Slam in 1969. And you've got Novak Djokovic, which, you know, all these years later playing at last year's US Open for that calendar grand slam against Medvedev," Luke Jensen said.

"I was across the court from Novak. And I'd never seen him so panicked, so afraid of the match, of the moment." Djokovic broke down in tears towards the end of the match as he could no longer control his emotions.

Jensen pointed this out before claiming that the Serb is an individual who wants to be "liked" by the crowds. "The nerves that really got to him that he couldn't function, he was crying towards the end of the match, and during the match on the sideline, it was so overwhelming," Jensen went on.

"He wants to be liked so bad by the crowd." With Novak Djokovic out of the Happy Skan even before his first match, Nadal is the only one from the ‘big three’ in the fray for this year’s title.