Renata Voracova: My case is very similar to Novak Djokovic's

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Renata Voracova: My case is very similar to Novak Djokovic's

Czech doubles star said her case in Australia was very similar to the one of Novak Djokovic. Both Voracova and Djokovic were granted a medical exemption for the Australian Open. Voracova played a doubles match at the Melbourne Summer Set 2 before she was taken into detention and ultimately deported from the country.

Unlike Djokovic, Voracova didn't appeal her visa cancelation. "My case is very similar to Novak's because, as I understand it, we both got it in December, we told Tennis Australia and they ended up granting us a medical exemption.

The only difference is that he decided to take up a legal battle, he trusted his lawyers to reverse the decision. I felt very alone in those days and I preferred not to go that way. Now I want to turn the page, but I have decided to seek compensation.

I have not received any explanation from the tournament and I hope that some things will be cleared up for me when everything calms down," Voracova told, as revealed on Punto de Break.

Djokovic's PTPA showed support for Voracova

The PTPA called out Australia's treatment of Voracova, saying the Czech went through "traumatic and confusing experience."

"With the global attention on Djokovic's case, many people have been unaware or uninterested in the WTA doubles player, Renata Voracova," the PTPA's statement read. "Renata was in Australia on a medical exemption for eight days.

She was picked up by border authorities after Novak's arrival in Australia and forced to leave the country. It was a traumatic and confusing experience for her and she is now potentially facing a 3-year ban and other visa issues.

"The PTPA has been in constant touch with her to ensure her welfare and to understand the facts of her case. We will understant how this happened to her and if/when appropriate, we will advocate for her."