Richard Krajicek: Novak Djokovic is welcome to Rotterdam

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Richard Krajicek: Novak Djokovic is welcome to Rotterdam

Rotterdam tournament director Richard Krajicek says he would be more than happy to have Novak Djokovic at this year's event. Djokovic was deported from Australia for trying to enter the country unvaccinated. Djokovic wasn't allowed to play the Australian Open but the Rotterdam organizers made it clear he's welcome to their event.

"Normally he goes skiing in February, to recover from the Australian Open. Now he may have to recover from that tournament. But we follow the rules of the Dutch government here, Djokovic has not broken any rules, so he is welcome.

I also try not to have an opinion about it, everyone is free not to be vaccinated," Krajicek said, per Netherlands News Live.

Rome Masters boss also spoke about Djokovic

A few days ago, Rome Masters tournament director Sergia Palmieri said Djokovic would be welcome to Rome only if willing to comply with the rules set.

"He is a controversial character, he takes a stand and he puts himself out there. Certainly he is not an example for young people approaching this sport, from this point of view he has not reached Rafa and Roger's stature," Palmieri said.

"I have a long-standing relationship with Novak and he is a different person from the one he appears to be from the outside. He has a very strong personality and he will overcome this challenge. It's up to him, if he were to sign up and be compliant with all the rules we will have no problems to accept him and no reason not to do so."

After hearing Palmieri's comments, Mark Petchey said Djokovic will have to get vaccinated in order to continue his career. "The vaccination issue is going to be huge. Let's be honest, you've already seen France say [there's] absolutely no chance he's going to be able to go to Paris now...

and Sergio Palmieri saying that if he doesn't get vaccinated, he is not gonna be able to play in Rome," mentioned Petchey. "He's got a big decision to make. To play at the moment, he's gonna have to get vaccinated. It's as simple as that."