'Novak Djokovic's going to find the energy to...', says former No.1

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'Novak Djokovic's going to find the energy to...', says former No.1

World No. 2 Daniel Medvedev has made it clear that he sets the highest goals possible, as he would like to win 25 Grand Slams and become World No. 1. On Thursday, Medvedev survived a tricky second-round clash at the Australian Open by beating Nick Kyrgios 7-6(1), 6-4, 4-6, 6-4.

Medvedev captured his first Grand Slam after beating Novak Djokovic in the US Open final last year. “Well, you know, I think the higher you go in the rankings, the further you want to go. I've been No. 2 for quite some time," Medvedev noted, according to Sportskeeda.

"I've been playing pretty well. Of course, yes, I want to, you know, become number 1, win 25 Slams or something. But again, for me the most important thing is to work hard on myself, to try to improve my game, to be a better player, so I try to win every tournament I play.

Since I played the ATP Cup, I managed to recover from a tough loss, win three matches, I was very close to doing something big for Russia, but we didn't manage to do it." Djokovic, who beat Medvedev in the 2021 Australian Open final, will lose a large number of points for not defending his Melbourne title.

Medvedev is aware of that fact and wants to take the opportunity to go for No.1. “I came here to the Australian Open, well prepared. He wants to win as many matches as possible. It's tough, Grand Slams are tough, there will be tough opponents," Medvedev added.

Henin speaks about Djokovic

Former World No. 1 Justine Henin gave her verdict on the Novak Djokovic vaccination saga. Henin sympathized with the Serb and pointed out that he only traveled to Melbourne after getting a medical exemption.

"It's very difficult to say, because we are not in the privacy of the player. Of course, Djokovic made mistakes and he admitted them, which also cannot testify to a feeling of 'super power' that he would have...

If he went to Australia, it was because he was told that this exemption gave him the right to do so. We can therefore also understand his discomfort," said Henin. In the same interview, Henin emphasized that Djokovic must be "exhausted" after the recent events and it will take him some more time to return to the court.

“I think right now Djokovic must be exhausted and not very good in his sneakers. He'll probably need some calm, but he's been through some tough times in his life and I think he has the resources and he's going to find the energy to get back to work and go for the records that he dreams, because he is animated by it," mentioned the 39-year-old.