John McEnroe: No question the deportation is going to hit Novak Djokovic hard

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John McEnroe: No question the deportation is going to hit Novak Djokovic hard

John McEnroe thinks the Australia visa saga and the eventual deportation will hit hard Novak Djokovic. Djokovic endured 10 long days in Australia as his visa was twice canceled and he was twice detained. Djokovic was deported from Australia last Sunday.

"There’s no question this is going to hit him hard," McEnroe told Eurosport in The Cube. "Now there’s uncertainty about the French Open, he’ll need to be vaccinated to play there, and what about Wimbledon? He doesn’t care about these other tournaments, so this is really, really unfortunate for a guy who had worked so hard to be loved.

"It’s tough to be loved and I know about times when people are against you, but deep down we want to be loved. "When he lost to [Daniil] Medvedev at the [US] Open and he was going for the [calendar] Grand Slam, he said the biggest thing was that he appreciated the crowd there.

Australia’s the place where they love him the most and he didn’t even play, so this become ludicrous. I don’t know what’s going to happen next."

'Djokovic has the extraordinary ability to bounce back'

"He is as tough as they come ever on a tennis court mentally, remember a couple of years ago when he fell off the map, he’d won four [Slams] in a row and the next year and a half or so he couldn’t beat anyone.

All of a sudden he came back and he was better than ever," McEnroe added. "He has made it somewhat more difficult for himself by not getting vaccinated. That’s complicated things for trying to defend titles that he won.

"I don’t know if he thought he could go down to Australia and compete, I’m still trying to figure out why he would meet with a journalist if in fact he had Covid and not tell the journalist, I find that hard to believe."