'Every year we call Novak Djokovic's agent to...', says former ATP star

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'Every year we call Novak Djokovic's agent to...', says former ATP star

Novak Djokovic was unable to defend his title at the Australian Open, having been expelled from the country the day before the tournament began. Despite having won the first appeal before Judge Anthony Kelly, the world's number 1 visa was canceled for the second time by Immigration Minister Alex Hawke.

The three Federal Court judges confirmed the visa revocation order and Nole was forced to return home after a long push and pull. The Serbian champion was on the hunt for his tenth seal at Melbourne Park, which would allow him to overtake Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal in the all-time Grand Slam standings.

If Daniil Medvedev were to win the AOs, the 34-year-old from Belgrade would lose the first place in the ATP ranking to the Russian. Djokovic's choice not to get vaccinated could affect his entire season, although it will be necessary to observe the evolution of the pandemic situation.

Interviewed by 'Netherlandsnewslive', Richard Krajicek invited Novak to participate in the Rotterdam ATP. The Dutch tournament will take place from 7 to 13 February (behind closed doors).

Krajicek talks about Djokovic

“Every year we call Novak Djokovic's agent to show our interest in having Novak here in Rotterdam.

Usually he comes out of the Australian Open so he prefers to go skiing and relax with his family. This therefore prevents him from competing, but this year with what has happened it may be different”. Richard Krajicek also clarified that he would necessarily respect the health protocol put in place in his country: "I would not break any rules but my opinion is that everyone has the right not to be vaccinated", declared the former Wimbledon champion.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic spoke to the Journal du Dimanche, a French magazine in an interview around the release of his autobiography ‘Adrenalina’. He talked about his career moves, his outlook on fellow soccer stars, among other topics.

Lastly, Zlatan also shared his take on the Novak Djokovic saga that went down in Melbourne. After all, the two stars know each other well and have been friends for a while. Zlatan echoed Novak Djokovic’s sentiment about being against mandated vaccinations.

According to the Swede, “nobody should be forced to get vaccinated”. Even though he has taken it himself, he defended Novak’s point of view. In fact, he even asked why his interviewers took the vaccine. “To protect myself and to protect others,” Zlatan answered the question himself.

Ibrahimovic believes it “is the best way to protect yourself”. However, he does not agree with the mandatory vaccinations required in order to play the Australian Open.