'It would seem that Novak Djokovic's going to be pretty limited with...', says expert

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'It would seem that Novak Djokovic's going to be pretty limited with...', says expert

Rafael Nadal's victory at the Australian Open continues to give a lot to talk about. The entire tennis world has surrendered to the feat of the Balearic tennis player, who became the man with the most Grand Slam titles, beating Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic.

Both the Swiss and the Serbian, the latter in his own way, congratulated Nadal after his triumph, although they are surely sharpening their knives to dethrone the Spanish as soon as possible. To do this, Federer needs to overcome his physical problems once and for all, and Djokovic probably needs to get vaccinated.

And that's what he could have done in the last few days. "From what I have heard from his surroundings, I think he is getting vaccinated. Perhaps the final in Australia has contributed. It may be that Rafa Nadal's 21 Grand Slams are driving him to do it," assured his biographer, the German Daniel Müksch, to the half-Austrian 'Heute' We recall that Novak Djokovic was detained by immigration customs agents upon arrival in Melbourne on January 5, despite the fact that he had traveled with a medical exemption on the grounds that he had contracted the coronavirus on December 16 during his stay in Belgrade and although he was seen in public acts without masks in later days.

He asked later, already on Australian soil, to apologize for it, excusing some presence for not knowing the result of the test and another for an error, such as having marked in the entry box to Australia that he had not traveled to another country that he did not outside Serbia when he had been in Spain at the end of the year.

After four nights detained at the Park Hotel in Melbourne, his appeal against the withdrawal of the visa was successful before Judge Anthony Kelly, who slapped his ears for the treatment received by the tennis player considering that he had not had the time or the necessary means to defend their reasons against that visa withdrawal.

Henman comments on Djokovic

In an interview with Eurosport, Tim Henman felt that Novak Djokovic would find it difficult to continue his tennis career if not fully vaccinated against COVID-19. "When you reflect on the Djokovic fiasco, it was a shambles, really.

There were no winners. It wasn't good for Tennis Australia, I don't think it reflected well on the government," Henman said. "Obviously Djokovic not being able to play in the Australian Open, it's disappointing for the event, the fans and Djokovic himself.

Fingers crossed that we don't have to witness something like that in the future. What does Djokovic do next? Because it would seem very difficult for him to continue with his professional career if he's not double vaccinated, it would seem that he's going to be pretty limited with the countries that he can get into.

I would emphasise, it's absolutely his prerogative, whether any individual wants to get vaccinated or not is his or her decision, but certainly as a tennis fan and seeing what Djokovic has been able to achieve on the court, I very much hope we see him back competing soon," Henman concluded.