The Serbian authorities: The tests Novak Djokovic submitted were valid

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The Serbian authorities: The tests Novak Djokovic submitted were valid
The Serbian authorities: The tests Novak Djokovic submitted were valid

The Serbian authorities have said on Wednesday that the COVID-19 tests Novak Djokovic submitted to the Australian authorities were legitimate. Djokovic used a positive COVID-19 test from December 16 to apply for a medical exemption for the Australian Open.

Djokovic was granted a medical exemption so he decided to fly to Australia, hoping to compete for a record 10th Australian Open title. After landing in Australia, Djokovic had his visa canceled and he was detained. Djokovic appealed the decision and got his visa back but Immigration Minister Alex Hawke exercised his powers and the Serb ultimately ended up getting deported from the country.

In recent days, some media reports suggested Djokovic's COVID-19 tests weren't valid. On Wednesday, the Serbian authorities denied those reports. "It was established that Novak Djokovic was tested multiple times and the… test results from December 16 and December 22 were valid," read the statement from the office, according to RFI.

Djokovic was stripped of a chance to battle for his 21st Major

Djokovic was hoping to win a record breaking 21st Grand Slam title in Melbourne. Instead, it was Rafael Nadal than won the Australian Open and broke the all-time Grand Slam record.

A few days ago, Australian tennis player Bernard Tomic said it was unfortunate that Djokovic didn't get a chance to compete in Melbourne. "I talked to him and told him that I wish him all the best, and that I was very sad because I did not see him at the Australian Open.

I was sitting next to his locker in the locker room. I also posted this as a video on my Instagram. I have already told the Australian media that they should have treated Novak better while he was in the country, and that it was unfortunate that he did not get the opportunity to defend the title, as well as to fight for the historic 21st Grand Slam title.

Novak thanked me for my support and wished me all the best," Tomic told Blic. Djokovic is expected to kick off his season in Dubai this month.

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