Prakash Amritraj: Juan Martin del Potro had a beautiful match beating Novak Djokovic

Del Potro defeated Djokovic en route to winning the silver medal at the 2016 Tokyo Olympics.

by Dzevad Mesic
Prakash Amritraj: Juan Martin del Potro had a beautiful match beating Novak Djokovic

Former Indian tennis player Prakash Amritraj wonders what could have been had Juan Martin del Potro stayed healthy. Del Potro, 33, was tipped to win multiple Grand Slams and become world No. 1 after his 2009 US Open victory.

Unfortunately, what followed were years marked with injuries and long injury breaks. "[Juan Martin Del Potro's impending retirement] has got us all thinking about his entire career and reflecting over all of it. The giant 'What if?' of Juan Martin.

Instead of the Big-4, it's likely to have been the Big-5," Amritraj said on Tenis Channel, according to Sportskeeda.

Amritraj enjoyed watching del Potro at the Rio Olympics

Del Potro delivered a huge performance in the Rio Olympics first round to send world No.

1 Novak Djokovic packing out of Rio de Janeiro. Del Potro ended up winning the silver medal as he was beaten by Andy Murray in the Tokyo Olympics final. "A memory that really stands out for me is his finals run in the Rio [Olympics] when he won the silver medal.

He had a beautiful match taking out Novak Djokovic in the first round, and then kind of looked up at the stars and put the sign of the cross on himself," Amritraj said. "It was a beautiful moment, and something that I will never forget." On Saturday, del Potro announced he will likely retire after Buenos Aires and Rio de Janeiro.

"I have strength to go forward but my knee is becoming a nightmare. I have been trying alternative treatments for a number of years, with different doctors and attempts to fix it," del Potro said. "But I have still not found a solution.

But I never imagined retiring from tennis without having the chance to say goodbye and I can't imagine a better tournament than Buenos Aires to do it. "After these weeks we will see what happens with my future, but I am clear that I want to live like a person of 33 years and try to not have pain. "It's a difficult decision, but I wanted to make it clear."

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