Richard Gasquet discusses what to expect when Novak Djokovic returns

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Richard Gasquet discusses what to expect when Novak Djokovic returns

Former world No. 7 Richard Gasquet thinks what happened in Australia must have been very difficult for Novak Djokovic but adds the Serb is one of the strongest players when it comes to the mental aspect of the game. While in Australia, Djokovic had his visa twice canceled and he was twice placed in detention.

Djokovic ended up getting deported after losing his Australia visa appeal. To make it even worse, Rafael Nadal won the Australian Open to break the all-time Grand Slam record. Djokovic is set to kick off his season in Dubai.

"What happened in Australia was very hard for Djokovic, it will be interesting to see how he returns to Dubai. One might think that this will increase his motivation, but this is different. He is used to fighting with the public against him, against his rival, and sometimes against himself, but this must have been much more difficult for him.

It's a totally different type of pressure. Afterwards, he is one of the strongest players mentally, so maybe that will motivate him even more," Gasquet said, as quoted on We Love Tennis.

Djokovic tipped to win Dubai

Former British No.

1 Greg Rusedski is confident Djokovic will return extremely motivated and win the first tournament he plays. "So Djokovic wants to go down as the greatest male tennis player in the history of the sport," Rusedski said on Tennis Channel.

"Probably even break Margaret Court's record of 24 Majors. "So I think the next tournament he plays where he's going to be allowed to play, depending on his status with vaccinations, and so forth, and countries' rules towards that.

Mark my words, he's going to win his first event back." Djokovic is a six-time finalist in Dubai as he has five titles at the tournament. Djokovic hasn't played since Serbia's semifinal loss at the Davis Cup Finals.