'That was not nice for Novak Djokovic', says former ATP star

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'That was not nice for Novak Djokovic', says former ATP star

After his expulsion from Australia and the consequent non-participation in the first slam of the season, it will be curious to understand what Novak Djokovic's schedule will be now in the coming months. Already some important tournaments are hinting that in order to participate it will be necessary to be vaccinated, so the Serbian champion is seriously in danger of missing other tournaments such as the Australian Open if his vaccination status does not change.

France recently approved a measure in which all professional athletes must be vaccinated in order to enter and play in the transalpine nation. So the Serbian would risk missing both Roland Garros and Monte Carlo Masters, obviously subject to changes by Nole Djokovic or the French government.

The director of the Monegasque tournament Zeljko Franulovic made rather important statements to the Eurosport TV channel: "If he meets the French government's health requirements (to be vaccinated), we will be happy to host him," Franulovic began.

The head of the Monte Carlo tournament also said that the Serbian has not yet been vaccinated, despite rumors spread on social media that the number one in the world rankings may have changed his mind after seeing his rival Rafa Nadal triumph at the Australian Open.

and surpass him for the number of slams won. "It must be in order. For the moment, as far as I know, he is not vaccinated. As soon as he is in good health regarding government regulations, we will welcome him with open arms,” concluded Franulovic.

Krajicek opens up on Djokovic

Novak Djokovic faces an uncertain future amid ongoing doubts over whether he will be allowed to play in upcoming events if he remains unvaccinated against Covid-19, yet former Wimbledon champion Richard Krajicek believes the Serbian will again thrive amid the adversity.

“What happened in Australia was tough for him and it will be interesting to see what happens in Dubai. Normally you would say this is going to motivate the guy and you don’t want to play him because he is more lethal, but this is different.

He is used to fighting on the court with the crowd, his opponent and maybe himself sometimes, but this must have been difficult. This is a total different pressure and a different disappointment than having the crowd against you or being match point down at Wimbledon and coming back to win.

But you know what, he is one of the toughest guys I’ve ever seen in sport and maybe it will fire him up for. It’s tough to know how he will respond to this. That was not nice for Novak, not nice for the tournament at the beginning, but in the end it was a great Australian Open. I’m happy for tennis fans that in the end it was a great tournament to watch”.