When Boris Becker praised former pupil Novak Djokovic

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When Boris Becker praised former pupil Novak Djokovic

Novak Djokovic claimed two Australian Open titles under Boris Becker in 2015 and 2106, staying in a friendly relationship with the German when they parted ways at the end of 2016. With or without Becker in his box, Novak remained the dominant figure at Rod Laver Arena, securing his third straight crown and the ninth overall last year following another exceptional display against Daniil Medvedev.

Struggling with an abdominal injury and torn muscle, Novak had to dig deep against Taylor Fritz, Milos Raonic and Alexander Zverev in back-to-back matches, passing three obstacles in just under ten hours and entering the semis.

Felling better and using his vast experience at the favorite Major, Djokovic defeated the Russians Aslan Karatsev and Daniil Medvedev in straight sets and extended his perfect post-quarter-final Australian Open record to 18-0!

Boris Becker praised Novak Djokovic after the Serb's 18th Major title.

Daniil played well to reach his second Major final, winning 20 straight matches before the final clash and hoping to challenge Djokovic and fight for his career's most notable trophy.

Instead, he remained competitive only in the opening set, losing ground in the second and third after failing to impose his shots and take momentum away from Novak. Praising his former pupil, Becker said Djokovic reached for his genius when he needed his best tennis, beating Medvedev in the pivotal moments for a mental and tactical masterclass.

Avoiding more extended exchanges with the rock-solid opponent, Novak took a different approach and threw everything on Daniil, playing aggressive tennis and controlling the pace for another impressive Melbourne Park performance and the 18th Major trophy.

Novak did not get a chance to chase the tenth Australian Open title this January after his visa got rejected on public interest grounds. "Novak Djokovic's genius showed itself in the key moments of the Australian Open final.

Until the upcoming generation matches him in that department, you can expect the established champions to keep cleaning up at the most notable trophies. Daniil Medvedev was in the match late in the first set and then got a break early in the second.

Both times you saw Djokovic being able to summon up his best, most solid tennis while his opponent went in the opposite direction. We saw a mental and tactical masterclass from the Serb, and the younger challengers do not have that same maturity at the moment.

Djokovic did not want to get sucked into long rallies from the baseline, so he took the initiative and was aggressive from the start. It messed up Medvedev's rhythm, and the result was a more one-sided victory than predicted," Boris Becker said.