Italian virologist attacks Novak Djokovic again

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Italian virologist attacks Novak Djokovic again

Novak Djokovic's 2022 has certainly not started in the best way. The Serbian champion has started a media battle and not with the Australian government to be able to enter Australia and compete in the Australian Open 2022.

After an initial exemption, Australian politicians openly sided against Nole who ultimately lost his battle and had to forgo the chance to participate in the Australian Open and defend his title. In addition to the insult because Nole had an incredible image damage with the now well-known label of No Vax attached to him and the biggest defeat with the victory of the Australian Open of Rafael Nadal.

The Spaniard thus reached 21 Grand Slam titles in his career and overtook both Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic at 20.

Question and answer between Djokovic and Italian virologist Burioni

After weeks of waiting and curiosity, the number one in the world is back to speak in an interview with the BBC microphones.

Here are his statements: "Giving up the Roland Garros and Wimbledon? This is the price I am willing to pay. I have never been against vaccinations in my life, but I have always advocated the freedom to choose what to put in your body and what no.

The principles of decision making about my person and especially my body are more important than any title or other in the world of tennis. I am trying to be in tune with my body as much as possible. Spirals? I understand that globally everyone is trying to make a great effort to manage this virus and hopefully see an end to this virus soon." Novak Djokovic's words on the vaccine issue caused a sensation again with the tennis player ready to give up his records and his great passion in order to remain still, impassive in his convictions.

Already in the past the well-known Italian virologist Roberto Burioni attacked the Serbian champion and in the last few hours a new tweet of his made noise Burioni made fun of Nole's words with the simple tweet: "I'm not antivax but ..." In fact, the Nole, after having declared not to carry out the vaccine, also replied that he is not against the vaccine, leaving everyone baffled.

The war between Burioni and Djokovic continues.