'The Western press can hardly wait for Novak Djokovic not to play...', says analyst

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'The Western press can hardly wait for Novak Djokovic not to play...', says analyst

Dubai tournament director Salah Tahlak says the whole world has been against Novak Djokovic, but he is more than welcome to Dubai. Djokovic did not get a chance to compete at the Australian Open because the Australian authorities simply would not allow an unvaccinated Djokovic to play at Melbourne Park.

Djokovic is set to start his 2022 season next week in Dubai. “I think we always have to be positive, Dubai is a positive city. His Highness Sheikh Mohammed is always positive, he says no matter what happens in history, put it behind you and let's move on because if you stand still that won't help you,” Tahlak said, according to The National.

“It is better to think ahead and be positive. I think it's great to have him [Djokovic] back. I know the whole world has been against him, but in the end he is number one in the world and he is a former champion in Dubai.

We are not concerned about [his vaccination status] because the most important thing for us is to follow government policies and protocols. The government here does not require someone to be vaccinated to enter the country.

As long as you take the PCR test and those tests are negative, then you can enter. We have PCR tests available at the airport upon arrival and also at the tournament and the official hotel”, explained Tahlak. The Dubai organizers handed one of their invitations to the women's event to Mayar Sherif of Egypt.

Tunisian Ons Jabeur will also play in Dubai this week, as she is ranked No. 8.

Pilic talks about Djokovic

Nikola Pilic believes Novak Djokovic is well within his rights to refuse vaccination even if it costs him a couple of Slams.

"Novak has the right to have his own position. I am very sorry that such a situation came about that Novak, who has such a great career, finds himself in a situation where he does not play at Roland Garros and Wimbledon," Pilic said.

"Not to raise those cups again and lose the first position on the ATP list. If his position on the vaccine is so firm and if it is more important for him not to get vaccinated and miss the Grand Slams by the end of the year, then he has the right to do so.

Novak is the greatest player of all time, but the Western press can hardly wait for him not to play in the biggest tournaments in the continuation of the season," he added. "I have a lot of experience in sports and I know the West and their media very well. Novak is a pebble in their shoes and they never gave him the support they gave to Federer and Nadal."