Mouratoglou: "Novak Djokovic deserves respect for his statements"

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Mouratoglou: "Novak Djokovic deserves respect for his statements"

Famous tennis coach Patrick Mouratoglou admitted that he expected Novak Djokovic to get vaccinated after what happened in Australia. Instead, as he reiterated a few days ago to the BBC television broadcaster, the Serbian champion is firm in his convictions and refuses to administer the COVID-19 vaccine into his body.

In the interview released on British TV, Djokovic also stated that he is willing to skip the tournaments that introduce mandatory vaccination and therefore also skip the next slams such as Roland Garros and Wimbledon. Mouratoglou said that those who remain true to their beliefs deserve respect, by saying it in a post posted on his official Instagram account: "After what happened in Australia I thought then he would say, OK, you know, I can be the greatest of all time, I really have a great chance for that.

I agree to be vaccinated, plus if I do, people will stop. to be against me, but took the opposite path. I think someone who stays true to his beliefs, even if the immense majority of people go against him, deserves total respect, whatever your opinion on the matter."

Djokovic's words to BBC

Novak Djokovic, in an interview with the BBC, also stated that he was disappointed by the majority of his fellow tennis players: "The four days of training in Australia were not normal.

I could hear the sound of helicopters over the Rod Laver Arena during each session. And then I was hurt by my colleagues. I felt the looks on him of all the people present, I know they were influenced by everything they wrote and said on social networks." At the center of the debate was also the much talked about interview with L’Equipe dated 18 December: "I preferred not to cancel it because the journalist (Frank Ramella, editor's note) is a person I have known for some time and who has a good relationship with me.

We had organized the meeting for some time and I didn't have the strength to refuse. Should I have been more careful? Yes. Should I have warned them? Yes. This was my mistake and I am sincerely sorry. If I went back I wouldn't do it again."