Richard Gasquet: Novak Djokovic never disconnected from tennis

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Richard Gasquet: Novak Djokovic never disconnected from tennis

Richard Gasquet has described Novak Djokovic as a player who "has never disconnected from tennis." Djokovic, 34, is one of the greatest players the game has ever seen as he has been dominant for over the past decade and a half.

Djokovic has been on top of the game ever since winning his first Grand Slam title at the Australian Open in 2008. Djokovic is in contention to go down as the greatest tennis player of all time. "All the best players never really disconnect.

The higher you are ranked, the more you are connected. I don't know Djokovic personally, but to be at this level, it's tough to do many more things on the side," Gasquet told We Are Tennis, as quoted on Sportskeeda.

Djokovic missed the Australian Open

Djokovic admitted being at home during the Australian Open and then watching the Australian Open final wasn't easy for him.

“It wasn’t easy for me to watch the finals, I had to because of the circumstances at home, although I didn’t want to watch it. My wife and my son were watching. I didn’t see the whole match, we did other things around the house as well.

I was neutral – whoever won, I lost, right? (laughing). I didn’t want to be emotionally involved too much, I wanted to be on the court," Djokovic told RTS. Rafael Nadal took the advantage of Djokovic's absence and won a record 21st Grand Slam title.

Djokovic respects Nadal and didn't want to say the outcome would have been different with him in the tournament. “Nothing in life is guaranteed, but considering everything, I did like my chances in Australia this year.

I feel like I’m in my backyard on Rod Laver Arena. Out of respect to Rafael Nadal who won and to all the other players, I don’t dare to say that I would’ve won, but I think I had a good chance," Djokovic said.