Marion Bartoli: Novak Djokovic is extremely stubborn in all his ideas

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Marion Bartoli: Novak Djokovic is extremely stubborn in all his ideas

2013 Wimbledon champion Marion Bartoli admitted she thought Novak Djokovic would change his mind after Australia and take the vaccine. Instead, Djokovic is sticking to his beliefs and principles and is willing to miss tournaments that introduce mandatory vaccination.

In an interview with the BBC, Djokovic stated that he is not against vaccination but added that he wants the freedom of choice. "I was just very surprised because my initial thought was he's getting vaccinated after all that happened in Australia and that were the rumors I heard.

So, to get that complete reverse opinions was a bit of shock to be honest but then reading it through, it sounds like Novak," Bartoli said on the latest episode of the Match Point podcast on Tennis Majors, as quoted on Sportskeeda.

"He's extremely stubborn in all his ideas. When he believes something, then there is just no way one can change his mind, and he believed that injecting something into his body right now would change the way he feels... He doesn't want to take the risk."

Bartoli hopes Djokovic plays the French Open

Djokovic has made it clear that he is willing to skip any tournament that introduces mandatory vaccination.

Last year, Djokovic made it all the way at the opening three Grand Slams of the season. Djokovic didn't get a chance to defend his Australian Open title. "It's just good time that actually France and England look to take their restrictions away so that he can play those two Grand Slams but no one would have thought three years back, to determine who is going to win the most Grand Slams, he will come down to that," Bartoli noted.

"I just can't believe that he's taking the risk and he's willing to take the risk to go through down that path. You know, he has taken a decision and we all have to respect it."