Ex-Australian Open boss thinks Novak Djokovic would get standing ovation at Wimbledon

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Ex-Australian Open boss thinks Novak Djokovic would get standing ovation at Wimbledon

Former Australian Open tournament director Paul McNamee thinks Novak Djokovic will get a standing ovation if he gets a chance to play at Wimbledon this year. Djokovic, 34, captured his sixth Wimbledon title last year after beating Matteo Berrettini in the final.

Djokovic didn't get a chance to compete at the Australian Open because he was unvaccinated. Djokovic confirmed in an interview with the BBC that he is still unvaccinated and that he is willing to skip tournaments that introduce mandatory vaccination.

McNamee saw an article titled "Wimbledon can be a safe place for Novak Djokovic - but he might not find much love this year." "I believe he is far more likely to get a standing ovation IF he is allowed to walk out as defending champion….

by those who respect the game, and by those who see he was prepared to give up his place in history, no small thing, by standing by his principles," McNamee tweeted.

Djokovic insists he is not anti-vax

“As an elite athlete, I want to triple-check everything that enters my body.

If something changes for 0.5% in my body, I feel it. I am just cautious before making any decisions, I am taking my time and keeping my mind open. I will live with the consequences," Djokovic told RTS. Djokovic insists he is not against the vaccine but he wants to have the freedom of choice.

“I stand for choice and the autonomy of every individual, that every person has the right to decide in the matter of their health. I don’t like being labelled and put in the same category with certain initiatives or movements, I never said I support any of those.

I have always tried to respect everybody’s choices, I hope that people can respect mine as well," Djokovic explained. Djokovic is set to kick off his 2022 season next week in Dubai.