Prakash Amritraj comes to the defence of the 'humiliated' Novak Djokovic

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Prakash Amritraj comes to the defence of the 'humiliated' Novak Djokovic

Former Indian tennis player Prakash Amritraj says he respects Novak Djokovic's vaccine decision and added the Serb was a "complete victim" in the Australia visa debacle. in Australia, Djokovic's visa was twice canceled and he was twice detained.

Djokovic ended up getting deported after losing his Australia visa appeal. "If he has reasons why he's not going to get vaccinated, I'm not going to judge him for it because I'm not walking in those shoes. So if he makes a certain decision, just like all of us, we deal with whatever consequences those decisions are.

But having said that, I think Novak was a complete victim in this entire situation because he got the paperwork he needed from the Victorian government and from the Australian Tennis Federation. If you had that paperwork, you're okay to come into the country.

And then all of a sudden this happens. He's humiliated and that is no way to treat one of the greatest athletes of all time," Amritraj said of Djokovic, per MSN.

Djokovic sticking to his principles

This week, Djokovic confirmed that he is still unvaccinated and made it clear that he is willing to skip tournaments that introduce mandatory vaccination.

“As an elite athlete, I want to triple-check everything that enters my body. If something changes for 0.5% in my body, I feel it. I am just cautious before making any decisions, I am taking my time and keeping my mind open.

I will live with the consequences," Djokovic told RTS. Also, Djokovic was asked about the 'Novax' nickname. “I’ve been called various different names throughout my career, not just now. There are always those who support you and others who don’t.

That’s all I can say," Djokovic said. Meanwhile, Djokovic is set to start his 2022 season in Dubai. Djokovic was drawn to meet Lorenzo Musetii in the first round.