Djokovic: "Surprised by Medvedev's message after Melbourne final"


Djokovic: "Surprised by Medvedev's message after Melbourne final"

Novak Djokovic is ready to return to the field. The Serbian number one tennis player in the world will open his 2022 at the ATP 500 in Dubai next week and the expectation to discover his conditions is increasing day by day.

The Serb has not played an official match since the Davis Cup semifinal lost in December by his Serbia against Marin Cilic's Croatia. His vaccination status prevented him from taking part in early season tournaments, including the Australian slam.

The 20-time slam champion, on the eve of his return to the field, gave a long interview for the Serbian news channel RTS in which he addressed various topics, spending some nice words for his current rival for the first place in the ATP ranking, Daniil Medvedev.

The two have always been characters with a strong character, expressing their opinion without filters, even if against the tide.

Djokovic on Medvedev: "We have a great relationship of mutual respect"

During the interview, Djokovic revealed that the Russian texted him minutes after losing to Rafael Nadal in the 2022 Australian Open final.

While keeping the details of the conversation private, the Serbian revealed that he saw some of himself in Medvedev: "He texted me 45 minutes after the final, which surprised me. The content of the message is private, but it was supportive, either way.

It is very authentic and says what he thinks at every stage, it is not always politically correct, which many will not like. He reminds me of myself in that sense." The number one in the world then added that he has a great sincere relationship with the Russian, which has grown over time: "Daniil is an extremely good guy, we have a great relationship of mutual respect.

I think he appreciates that I trained a lot with him and helped him when he was a junior, gave him advice and answered some questions. We were on the same plane when Russia played Davis Cup in Serbia, I was very grateful for that. Our relationship continues to grow."

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