Novak Djokovic reveals how he has been received by players in Dubai

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Novak Djokovic reveals how he has been received by players in Dubai

World No. 1 Novak Djokovic has acknowledged that he plans to follow the rules wherever he goes and admitted that he doesn't plan to play the full schedule. Djokovic hasn't been vaccinated against COVID-19 and he has made it clear that he is willing to skip tournaments that introduce mandatory vaccination.

Djokovic wasn't allowed to compete at the Australian Open but he was welcomed in Dubai. Djokovic, seeded at No. 1, is chasing a sixth Dubai title this week. "I just have to follow the rules. Whatever tournament that I'm able to play, I'll be trying to get to that country and play the tournament.

Obviously I'm not intending to play the full schedule," Djokovic said.

Djokovic needed time to recover mentally from the Australia saga

"Of course there were lots of emotions after I came back from Australia, so I needed a bit of time to reflect and to just mentally rest and then once I was refreshed I was looking forward to play tennis and compete," Djokovic admitted.

Djokovic is playing his first tournament of the season in Dubai. Djokovic claims the reaction from the players was positive and welcoming. "Most of the players that I've seen have been positive and welcoming. It's nice to see obviously.

I can't say that was the case in Australia. It was a little bit strange. But here it's well so far," Djokovic said. Djokovic hasn't played since the Davis Cup Finals. However, he says he is well prepared and ready to go. "Knowing I was coming to Dubai, I had something to work for, I had a goal.

So now that I’m here I could say that I am as well-prepared as I possibly can be and I’m excited to, again, be on the tour. That’s all I’m feeling at the moment," Djokovic added. Djokovic opens his Dubai campaign against Lorenzo Musetii.